Making It Rain

Do you have more leads than you can handle?

I love the Making It Rain program. The mind is like an umbrella. It works best when it’s open.

Patrick Keeler

Realtor, New Hampshire

I have budgeted to double my investment into it next year. With a 22-1 return on investment, it’s a no-brainer.

Adam Bogle

Realtor, Oregon


Patrick's Return On Investment


Adam's Return On Investment

What is Making It Rain?


Making It Rain is a lead generation program delivering leads to eXp Realty agents and brokers by launching advertising campaigns on their behalf and driving that traffic to the agent’s Kunversion website.

Your Site On Page 1 Of Google

With Google Adwords, we can feature your Kunversion site in in one of the top 3 spots for the most favorable real estate related searches based on the areas you choose to target.

Can you tell me more about the leads?

Target Using Buy Keywords

When you sign up for the Google Adwords Making It Rain program, the leads tend to end up having more urgency and intent then internet leads generated from another source. Simply put, when using Google Adwords, we target “buy keywords.” If you select Seattle as your desired market, we target people searching things like “Seattle Real Estate” and “Homes For Sale In Seattle.” Naturally, someone searching for these type of things is probably really interested in buying or selling real estate in the future. So driving this kind of traffic to your website can only produce better than average results.

These are internet leads so you will get a variety of prospects. Some people will be ready to buy in the next month or so, but most will be looking at properties because they have an interest in buying in the next 3 – 6 months. Not to mention you might get the occasional lead who promises they are “Darth Vader” or “Mickey Mouse.” Luckily, the Kunversion system does a magnificent job of providing value over time and, therefore, converting even some of the worst of prospects.

Internet Leads

What areas can I target?

With your Making It Rain campaign, we can target cities, towns, neighborhoods, and even subdivisions. You’ll know your area best. If locals tend to refer to particular areas by neighborhood names, then we recommend selecting a few neighborhoods. If people tend to refer to the area by a town name or city name, those tend to produce better results.





We recommend that you pick no more than 5-6 areas to target. Selecting this number of locations gives your campaign plenty of opportunity to show your ads while not diluting the data to see how well areas are performing. Simply put, targeting 10+ areas makes it difficult to determine what is working and what is not.

How much should I invest?

Marketing Programs Take Time

Google Adwords operates using “Pay Per Click.” What makes this great is your budget is only used up when someone clicks on your ad’s link and ends up on your website. Using Google Adwords guarantees that when you spend $100, $1,000, or even $10,000 on their advertising, you’ll see that equivalent of traffic.

Keep in mind that, with any marketing program, it’s going to take some time to see results. You can use the calculator to the right to determine how much you would need to invest to add certain production levels from internet lead generation to your business.

"Pay Per Click" Is Efficient

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What does it cost?

The number of leads quoted in the above packages are based on national averages. Average Cost Per Lead varies based on area. Additionally, advertising can ebb and flow from week to week and month to month. We can’t guarantee a certain number of leads.

How much does Making It Rain cost?

We have programs starting at $100/month and up.

Is there a monthly commitment?

The lower cost per month plans have minimum monthly commitments. The goal is to maximize your return on investment by generating enough leads over enough time. To discuss other plans and budgets select Other.

What plans have monthly commitments?

The $100/month program has a 6-month commitment. The $250/month program has a 3-month commitment. Anything above $500/month doesn’t require a commitment. Regardless of the program you choose, your campaigns will continue to run month after month until you fill out the cancellation form:

Is there any difference between plans?

All plans are effectively the same with no difference in features other than the set maximum spend of your ad campaigns each month. For example, the $1000 per month plan will generally net ten times as many leads as the $100 per month plan. You’re able to adjust the plan anytime to scale up or down the number of leads based on the results of your individual market.

How do I get started?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page, select your plan, choose your target areas, and fill out the sign-up form. Completing the sign-up form will trigger the setup process for your new account.

Ads Get Launched

We launch new ad campaigns every day. It is taking us about 7 days from sign-up to get new folks started.

Traffic Gets Sent

Once your ads are live, traffic will start getting sent to your website right away. You could potentially start seeing leads that same day or week. If you ever want to stop the Making It Rain program, simply fill out the cancellation form here: Cancel Making It Rain


We bill in arrears. After the month has concluded, Accounting will send you an invoice to process your payment.


Are Making It Rain leads subject to a lesser commission split?


What are you doing to optimize ads?

We monitor every campaign for under-performing ads and make adjustments to ad groups, keywords, and bidding. If you have any concerns about your ads performance please email

Where are my leads?

Leads appear as Active Leads in your Kunversion CRM with the hashtag “expleads”.

Are Making It Rain leads exclusive?

Yes. Once a lead signs up on an agent’s Kunversion website, the Kunversion system won’t allow that same individual to sign up on a competing Kunverison website.

How do I cancel the Making It Rain program?

If you’d like to cancel your Making It Rain program, simply fill out the form on this page:

Will my ads stop automatically after my commitment?

No. Your program will continue, month after month, until you fill out the cancellation form.

Can I split the cost of Making It Rain with a third party (like my lender)?

Unfortunately, due to RESPA regulations, we do not currently allow and are not set up for splitting the cost of Making It Rain with a third party like a Lender. We do hope to add this in the future.

Can I view total generated leads?

Yes. Visit the Kunversion Build Squeeze page and scroll down to Advertising Results. Look for ads beginning with “MIR” and your name to see the results of your campaigns.

How many leads can I expect the program to generate?

The average cost per lead for the Making It Rain program is $15/lead. This average cost does vary by region. Some areas come in significantly less than $15 ($6-$7 a lead) while other areas with more competition come in higher.

These numbers do represent averages. So with the $100/month program at $15 a lead, one can expect to see 5-8 leads per month. That being said, again, results will ebb and flow. One month you might see 3 leads while the very next month the program can generate 15 leads for you.We monitor every campaign for under-performing ads and make an adjustment to ad groups, keywords, and bidding. If you have any concerns about your ads performance please email

Where can I learn more about Kunversion?

Kunversion training is available on the Expressway.

Where can I learn more about the Powered By CINC platform?

Powered By CINC training is available on the Expressway.

My ads were started a week ago yet I see no new leads?

Results with the Making It Rain program will ebb and flow. Please understand that Making It Rain is an advertising program so we can’t guarantee a certain number of leads. One month we can send 100 visitors to your website and generate 2 leads. The next month the same 100 visitors might generate 20 leads. The lower end programs tend to see this ebb and flow more drastically than programs with higher advertising budgets. This is part of the reason some of our programs have monthly commitments.

How quickly do ads get setup?

New ads get launched every Friday.

Can I upgrade Making It Rain in the middle of my commitment?

Yes. If you sign up for a program at the $100/month or $250/month level, you can absolutely increase your monthly budget part ways through that commitment. To do that, simply email

Contact Making It Rain

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We 100% believe in the Making It Rain program. That being said, at the end of the day, this is an online advertising program. It works if you give it time and you work it. The national average conversion rate for internet leads is 2-3%. Because this is an advertising program, we can't ever guarantee a certain number of leads or a certain conversion rate.

For those reasons, paid internet lead generation is not for everyone. We've found it is best suited for Agents with long-term follow up strategies in place and that have the marketing budget and patience to generate enough leads to be successful over time.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, we highly recommend you re-read the above FAQs as well as the sections that talk about internet leads.

Additionally, we highly recommend you attend our Thursday "Math Behind Lead Generation" and "Making It Rain Q&A" sessions that start every Thursday morning in eXp World's Auditorium at 7:00 AM PST.