Digital Lead Gen Programs

Digital marketing is your most effective way to maintain a reliable pipeline of quality leads. We created the Making It Rain marketing programs so that even agents who lack the time or expertise can leverage the power of digital ads. Take advantage of these eXp resources to build a client database that keeps on giving.

eXp offers two different programs to choose from:

Home Search Leads Express Offers

Drive Buyer Leads to Your eXp Provided Website

When it comes to driving traffic to your eXp provided website, Google Ads and the right keywords can do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t work with a pipeline that runs hot and cold. With Google Ads, you have a steady flow of quality leads, in the areas that you want to target, pumped directly into your eXp provided website.

  • Get your own customized Google Ads program
  • It’s flexible and adaptable
  • The commission split does not change

Attract Sellers with Express Offers

If you’re an eXp Express Offers certified agent who appreciates the value of making Express Offers a pillar of your business, take a look at eXp’s iBuyer Attraction program. By expertly using Facebook advertising to drive quality traffic to your website, the programs help you quickly build a database of actionable leads.

  • Ads are built to attract the right kind of sellers
  • Facebook targeting is extremely precise
  • Keep your pipeline full and continually refreshed


What Are The Best Ways To Reach “Make It Rain" Support?

There are several methods to reach “Make It Rain” Support!

  1. Email : [email protected]  (shoot us an email which opens a support ticket which the first available MIR staff member can answer)
  2. eXp World – Tech Outpost : Just Like A Phone Call! jump in eXp World and visit the wonderful, helpful & always available staff at the Tech Outpost
  3. eXp Facebook Workplace Messager : connect with Support Specialist, Sheila Holifield or Program Manager, Kevin Comisky

(Sheila’s Workplace Profile : )

(Kevin’s Workplace Profile :  )

For more information visit:

How do I make changes to my MIR campaign?

MIR has quick forms to fill out in order to make the following changes.

Changes to your budget, target areas & other >

Pause your campaign >

Cancel you campaign >

Need Help Getting The Most Out Of The Leads?

Lead Conversion Consultation
Campaign Improvement Audit
Mandate Phone Numbers
Additional information is available here:

How do I pick “Target Areas” that will best produce leads?

When we say “Target Area” we mean the areas you’d like home buyer leads for. Areas where you want to be selling your homes.

We have 5 basic “rules of thumb” that you should use when picking your areas to target.

  1. Areas with, on average, 30+ active listings produce the best. The fewer number of listings, the more difficult it is to produce home buyers.
  2. Must Be A MLS Area. The target area(s) that you select must be an area reflected in your MLS.
  3. Test using your own website. Use your website home search as if you were a home buyer. This will allow you to see the number of active listings (for #1) per area. Also, this allows you to see which areas populate the “cleanest” in your site’s “location” search field. Making It Rain is not responsible for making sure listings are properly populating on your website. For issues with the MLS feed to your site please contact your website host directly.
    Video Tutorial: Using Your KVCore home search site to help pick your “Making It Rain” target area >
  4. No Zipcodes. People just usually don’t search Google for zip codes, “homes for sale in 92672”. They search for city/community names, “Homes for sale in San Clemente”.
  5. Avoid “Sections/Districts” like “South”, “Mid”, “Downtown” unless they are a super common terminology in your area.

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